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You’ve probably thought about acting for a long time. Something you tried at school, something you’ve always wondered if you’re any good. Perhaps people have always said you’d be good at it - or you need a confidence boost and feel like acting classes would do it. 

It could be that you were afraid to try it, or thought it was a young person’s thing, or maybe there was something else holding you back.

We get it. Lots of people take a long time to come to acting. And some of them can’t believe that they’ve waited so long to get into it.

  • You can try out acting as a fun hobby, a place to meet like-minded people or as a potential future career. 

Or you could keep putting it off. 

  • We have weekly weekend classes, weeknight classes and intensive weekends. 

"ACS is a safe and friendly environment for everyone from beginners to professionals! The classes are a whole lot of fun and the coaches are amazing!" ALEX FURTULA

Your Acting Journey Starts Here


In the Stage 1 Intro to Acting Course at Acting Coach Scotland - you’ll be part of a big family of people who come to us to enjoy acting as a pastime, express themselves, hang out with fun people, build confidence or try out a potential exciting new career. 

  • You can enjoy a weekly evening class, a weekly Saturday class, or a more intensive weekend experience. The choice is yours. ​

We won’t make you any false promises, the acting business is tough. But that shouldn’t stop you enjoying a fun, no-bullsh*t professional standard of acting classes. We teach real skills and our classes are limited to 12 people only. You can’t do anything useful in a class of 20!

"Been going here since May this year. I love it. The coaches are all so lovely. Tharan and Mark (I haven't met Nick yet) Even Haley the administrator is lovely. Value for money is spot on £145 for 4 week course and I can guarantee you they are quality. Whether you're looking for a confidence boost, want to brush up on some skills or pursue a career in acting (that's me ) then book a class!" MEGAN BIRLEY


What you'll learn:

That’s the end of Term 1 at Acting Coach Scotland.jpg

Improv Skills

Develop your Spontaneity

Acting Technique

Fun and Challenging

Celebrate your wins. It’s incredibly easy to mourn our losses, lick our wounds and count the costs.
This week, our full time acting students are working intensively with acting for camera legend and a

Acting for Camera

Learn Acting for the Screen

Our NO-BULLSHIT Money-Back Guarantee

All our STAGE 1 Acting Courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

We're so confident that you'll enjoy our classes, we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you're unhappy with our acting classes, we'll just refund you. 

Just to be clear, we've been running this class for 10 years , and we've never had to issue a single refund request. 

But if you happen to be the first, don't hesitate, just give us a call on 0141 4401272, and ask us to refund your money right away

You'll get your money right back. No forms, no questions to answer, nothing. 

Could you rip us off? Sure! But we'd rather have faith in humanity than doubt in you. 

Your money is 100% safe and protected. 


Join us for our next acting class

A big thank you for this amazing experience! I was very nervous since I'd never done anything like this before, but it was so worth it! Met lots of lovely new people, learned a lot about acting and self confidence in just two days and at the same time had lots of fun!



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