What to Buy For A Wanna-Be Actor?

What is the ideal present to gift that wanna-be actor in your life—either as an opening night gift, birthday present, or holiday present? Below is a list of gifts for that special person in your life who is either aspiring, is an amateur, professional, or experienced actor. The definitive list below comprises of gifts that all actors would like to have. Some gifts are fun to just have around, while others can be useful in their chosen career paths. 1. Acting Classes Beginner acting classes provide aspiring actors and actresses with an introduction to the world of acting in a manner that is supportive and friendly. Such classes are recommended for people who have little or no experience at all. The classes will provide the wanna-be actor with an opportunity to explore different acting techniques in a manner that is practical, accessible, and playful. Whether your loved one is an aspiring performer, is interested in trying out something new in a bid to improve their self-confidence, or just wishes to revive their creativity, they will find acting classes to be rewarding, fun, and very active. Some of the activities covered in these classes include: • Rehearsing scenes from different plays • Improvisation, drama games, and group exercises • Exploring how to use the body and voice in physical exercises The classes provide the acting students with a chance to practice their newfound techniques under tutors that are both friendly and experienced. 2. Acting Books Aspiring actors should be encouraged to read acting books and plays as often as possible. Some of the recommended modern playwrights that they should have included Mark Westbrook’s “Truth in Action”, and “True and False”, by David Mamet. Establish what the young actor is interested in, and steer them towards that direction by gifting them with good literature that will guide them to become good actors. 3. Voice Lessons Many young learners start by taking part in acting classes. But despite all the effort applied there, some still end up having insufficient training. If a loved one has been focussed on aspects of musical theatre, it may be high time that you consider expanding their marketability. There are students who start out with an acting passion, but with time come to realize that voice and dance are vital components that they ought to have. As such, even if your loved one has not been blessed with all three talents (dance, acting, and singing), encourage them to expand their talents by getting them voice lessons. 4. Theatre Tickets Let your loved one experience first-hand the theatre magic by gifting them with theatre tickets. An aspiring actor who has sat in a theatre as a member of the audience, and experienced the connection that comes with it are more likely to embrace what they saw and incorporate it into their acting. Attending a theatre performance also enables a student to see what a good performance ought to look like. They can learn from what they have seen, and be inspired to become better. 5. Career Check-up An actor who has been trying to develop their skills may benefit from having an independent valuation performed. A professional can come and sit in one of their performances to assess their marketability and training. They will be able to benefit from the suggestions provided by the professional.