HND Acting Course Audition Checklist

So, the day is here - your HND acting course audition! Excitement and nerves are abounding, and hopefully you’ve done all your preparation and you are as a ready as you’ll ever be. Just before you rush out of the door, have a little look through this handy check list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything:

Acting skills. This one is pretty much an absolute must. If you have never acted before and you just want to fill in some time, you don’t stand a chance of being selected! If you are serious about becoming an actor, get some acting lessons and acting experience before you think about applying for an HND acting course. This way the panel will take you seriously and you have much more of a shot at being selected.

Monologues. You will need two contrasting monologues to impress the panel with. Make sure that you choose two really different ones; a good Shakespeare with its flowery language and dramatic posing for the Classical, and something from the last 10 years for the Contemporary. Do they contrast enough? Have you chosen two pieces that will showcase different parts of your acting skill set?

Interview skills. As well as your monologue pieces, you will have to do a short interview. Although you won’t be able to predict what this will entail, it’s worth doing a little bit of interview prep beforehand, so that you are not left floundering and red faced at the interview itself. Try to think of at least one decent question to ask the panel, so that it is a two way conversation rather than just them asking you things.

Passion. This is your dream career, right? Something you’ve dreamed of since you had that tea towel tied around your head at the primary school Nativity play? So, make sure the panel knows this - not through teeth gnashing, hair pulling overacting - but through your love of your art that should shine through your lines.

Research your chosen course. It is essential to know what you will be studying, where you will be studying and what the course will offer you. If you have simply stuck a pin in the phone directory and not found out anything about your chosen course then you will at a bit of a loss in your interview.

Hone your CV. As well as your acting skills, a panel will be looking at your written guide to yourself. Try to tailor your CV to your chosen course; obviously don’t lie or bend the truth, but research what the course is looking for and try to match your skills to their requirements.

Relax. I know it’s scary, and I know a lot is hanging on this moment - but getting all wound up so you can’t get a word out will not help your cause. Try some deep breathing, or even a few lessons in mindfulness before you set out on your HND course application.

When you’re looking to improve your future acting skills by enrolling on an HND acting course, make sure that you nail the audition first time. And if you don’t, just pick yourself up and have another go!